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The Brokers Band is one of San Diego’s finest rock-n-roll bands.  It’s four guys who bring a great deal of diverse experience to their fun, high-energy, and very tight shows.  Formed in 1998 as a blues band (The Blues Brokers), they have evolved way beyond that and now pride themselves on providing a variety of music for your dancing and good times.  Never fear; they can still lay down the blues like nobody's business when called upon.  All four players are very strong musicians and vocalists in their own right, but when they get together their chemistry and love of playing as a group is undeniable.  With flexibility as a strong suit, they will appear as a quartet, trio, or even a duo, depending on the requirements of the venue, and they always rock the place to the rafters.  Listen to the audio samples, or better yet check the calendar and go see them live soon.  You'll be glad you did!